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Chipboard or paperboard is a material typically made from recycled paper stock. For that reason, they have become one of the most attractive options for custom packaging. Whether you are packaging hardware items, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, food, clothing, or everything in between, you will surely find the ideal packaging solution within our chipboard selection at PREMIUM Paper Box.

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At PREMIUM Paper Box, our chipboard boxes are flexible yet rigid, easy to assemble and fold flat for easy storage and shipping. Moreover, they are easy to shape and manipulate and can be shipped flat, which makes them ideal for custom product packaging. We design custom folding cartons using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, high-quality printing, and a wide range of finishes to elevate your brand and increase your sales.

Whether you need custom chipboard boxes to showcase your items or plain folding paper cartons for protection during shipping, we have the right packaging solutions to fulfill your needs.

Benefits of Chipboard Packaging

At PREMIUM Paper Box, we understand the importance of attractive custom paper packaging. That is why we take our chipboard boxes to the next level with remarkable finishes such as embossing, debossing, raised ink, coatings, or spot UV. We create compelling and unique packaging while considering a vast array of factors such as logistics, budget, and point of sale to provide the ideal services for you and meet your company’s packaging requirements.


As a custom packaging supplier and manufacturer, we work with all industries for auto packaging, pharmaceutical, beauty, food, beverage, or nutraceutical. Our boxes come in custom sizes and are manufactured to your specific needs. Our team knows that every product is unique and that your custom packaging should reflect that. As such, we can guide you through the packaging options to ensure we meet your needs and make the process as easy as possible. 

Financial and Eco-Friendly

When it comes to the benefits of chipboard boxes, they are cost-effective, flexible, and have numerous functions across many different sectors. Most importantly, chipboard boxes are eco-friendly, being made from sustainable materials. They are made of 70 to 100 percent of recycled paper, so there is less energy, less manpower, and less deforestation in the manufacturing process.

With e-commerce at an all-time high, there is a high demand for eco-friendly and reliable packaging. As a manufacturer or business manager, you are most likely constantly reevaluating your business strategies to ensure you stay competitive and within your budget. This is where custom chipboard boxes step in.


Furthermore, they have countless design options. Because they can be printed directly, graphic design and information can be easily included on your custom packaging without adding secondary labels. This makes them great for businesses, as you can include your logo, artwork, or graphics to suit your company’s style.

Why Choose Custom Chipboard Boxes?

Marketing your products involves making critical decisions. Every choice must be carefully evaluated, from product development to marketing strategies, packaging, and presentation. Decisions regarding the presentation and packaging of your items will ultimately be essential to your business’s success.

Eye-catching custom paper packaging is generally the deciding factor between a potential customer buying your products or passing them by on retail shelves. To provide a distinct look to your product, choosing a custom chipboard box may be the right call. They offer a low-cost, attention-grabbing packaging solution that can enhance your brand’s identity and drive sales of your products. 

In addition to safeguarding various items from damage, chipboard boxes remain versatile enough to incorporate creative branding and design. But once you have chosen the design and finished your custom paper packaging, you need someone who can bring it to life cost-effectively and promptly. 

At PREMIUM Paper Box, we have modern die-cutting, printing, and gluing facilities. We can also provide custom UV coatings, gold or silver foil stamping, and embossing or debossing to give your chipboard boxes the most appealing look and your customers an ultimate unboxing experience. All these services are conveniently under one roof in Miami for better quality control, supply chains, and responsiveness. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your chipboard boxes receive all the attention and care they need.

Why Choose PREMIUM Paper Box?

At PREMIUM Paper Box, our team delivers custom chipboard boxes with industry-leading turnaround time without compromising quality. Following the proof’s approval, we can produce and ship nationwide your custom boxes in two to three weeks, based on your order details.

We understand that your product’s packaging can be just as influential to clients’ buying decisions as the products themselves. When you order from us, you will find a custom packaging supplier providing a premium array of custom boxes. From custom display boxes to folding boxes, apparel boxes, gift boxes, or other products, we are focused on offering innovative solutions to accommodate any size and design package you may need for your business. Rely on us to deliver excellent packaging outcomes with top-notch customized chipboard boxes.  

The combination of high-quality and speed carries over into every aspect of our customer service. We believe that excellent communication and timely responses to your inquiries will help get projects done better and faster. When you contact our company, we provide custom quotes within 24 hours of receiving all the information about your project. If you want to learn more about chipboard boxes and how they can meet your packaging needs, contact us today.


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