Custom Cosmetic Paper Packaging Boxes

Custom cosmetic packaging refers to boxes designed especially for the beauty sector. In the ever-changing and growing cosmetic industry, it is vital to make your cosmetic products stand out from the crowd. In addition, to safely and securely deliver them to your customers, you must have a unique and stylish design to distinguish your brand…

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Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Your best tool to wow your customers is to find unique custom packaging. We know that packaging plays a vital role in promoting and advertising your brand and company. This means we provide branded packaging to define who you are and help you enhance your brand’s recognition. The significant part is that you'll also safeguard the planet with our sustainable and eco-friendly custom cosmetic packaging solutions made from paper. Let PREMIUM Paper Box help you create custom cosmetic box packaging that highlights your business.

Makeup Packaging

Makeup Packaging

With new makeup brands being introduced on the market all the time, standing out from the crowd is vital. Our makeup boxes will add glamor to your makeup products. Our custom-designed inserts will securely hold and display your makeup products within our perfectly-engineered boxes. Moreover, we can customize your custom-printed cosmetic boxes depending on your needs, specifications, and requirements. 
We understand that makeup products differ and have different packaging requirements, so we strive to provide you with premium printing, fast turnaround time, eco-friendly printing, and a large variety of customization options.

Lip Gloss Boxes

You should ensure that your lip gloss boxes are bold and eye-catching. Attractive custom lip gloss packaging can significantly influence your product’s popularity and sales. Here at PREMIUM Paper Box, we provide elite custom boxes while satisfying all your needs and specifications. We deal in all sizes, shapes, and designs, so we'll ensure the fastest turnaround time and affordable prices. 

Custom lip gloss packaging is the most common packaging option to hold lip gloss. We can help you create the perfect custom cosmetic packaging boxes for your business that leave a strong impression. Those boxes are available in different dimensions to suit all your requirements. Moreover, our custom lip gloss boxes are easy to carry, lightweight, and durable.

Lip Gloss Boxes
Lipstick Boxes

Lipstick Paper Box

Our custom lipstick boxes are available in all sizes and shapes. So, PREMIUM Paper Box is the right choice if you want a distinct identity for your custom lipstick boxes. We have more than 15 years of experience manufacturing an extensive array of designs and styles of cosmetics packaging. In addition to the regular square box, we can produce window to secure and protect your lipstick in the best possible way.

With so many available finishing options, you can customize your lipstick boxes in a way that will impress everybody. Choose a unique design and logo to differentiate your brand and company from competitors. At PREMIUM Paper Box, we can create your custom product packaging by adding foil stamping, protective gloss, matte, high gloss UV coating, or printing color directly on your boxes.

Lotion Boxes

Regardless of gender or age, lotions are a necessity for everyone. But with high demand comes high competition between cosmetic brands, so you must do whatever it takes to set your brand apart. You can get custom lotion boxes in any size, shape, and design you want and transform your ideas into reality. 

You can choose from our collection of custom designs or add your personal style to your boxes. Our team will use the most modern and efficient machinery to create ideal custom lotion cream boxes that fit your company's needs.

Lotion Boxes
Eyeshadow Paper Box

Eyelash Paper Box

Custom eyelash boxes are typically cardboard boxes where you can print your business' logo using modern printing methods. Our custom eyelash boxes are designed to fit lash packs perfectly. They have a sturdy design, helping you to store and display your products safely. Our custom-printed eyelash boxes are made from the most sturdy material to ensure your eyelashes are kept free from all types of tampering.

Why Choose PREMIUM Paper Box?

Our team dedicates itself to keeping track of the ever-evolving cosmetic industry, providing an extensive array of packaging services. When you contact PREMIUM Paper Box, you and your business will get the highest quality packaging products at reasonable prices. We will always stand behind our principles to help you along the way.


The price of custom cosmetic boxes varies depending on factors such as the thickness of the paper, design, size of the run, labor cost, printing, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and overall or spot UV. Please send us your project immediately so we can offer you a price.

The dimension of a box is standard in the industry: W (Width) x D (Depth) x H (Height), where W is the front of the box (the one that will face your customer).

We are a manufacturing company located in Miami Lakes, FL.

Everything is made under one roof here in Miami Lakes, FL.

We may charge you for freight costs based on where you want us to deliver your custom paper boxes (we deliver nationwide).

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