Custom Frozen Food Paper Packaging Boxes

Custom Frozen Food Paper Packaging Boxes

The frozen food industry has been growing at record speed in the last couple of years. But with that comes the necessity of frozen food boxes. At PREMIUM Paper Box, we understand that packaging is vital to the success of your brand. In fact, shelf impact, presentation, and consumer convenience are critical factors in all…

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What is a Frozen Food Box?

Frozen food boxes are needed to protect and promote the products inside. Additionally, they can boost your company’s name, ensuring maximum recognition and sales. It would be best to have your frozen food boxes customized to create a long-lasting impression on your clients.

You can have your frozen foods packaged in various styles, sizes, and shapes. You can also design custom boxes with your brand’s logo, image, text, pattern, or details. If needed, get expert advice and assistance from our team. We will make your frozen items soar above the competition while capturing your customers’ attention. 

When you come to our company, you can rest assured that we will use the most advanced printing techniques to get high-resolution prints and colors. By using PMS and CMYK color printing, we will create a breathtaking appeal for your frozen foods.

As a leading box company, supplying a superior array of custom boxes in Miami, FL, and nationwide, we understand that your frozen food packaging must be safe, secure, and appealing. PREMIUM Paper Box is your one-stop shop if you are looking for the best printing and packaging for your frozen food services. 

What Kind of Packaging is Suitable for Frozen Foods?

Freezing is probably one of the fastest, easiest, and most versatile solutions for preserving foods. If properly frozen, your food should maintain its original flavor, texture, and colors while keeping its nutritional value. An excellent frozen food packaging should:

  • Protect frozen foods from off-odors and flavors
  • Be resistant to grease and oil
  • Be durable and leakproof
  • Be moisture resistant
  • Seal easy
  • Be marked and stored easily

We have been offering the best custom box packaging solutions for more than 15 years here at PREMIUM Paper Box. For us, nothing is more valuable than ensuring your custom frozen food boxes are secure, made on time, and to your exact requirements. We also offer sustainable packaging for your frozen food products to maximize the number of your customers. 

A survey showed that more than 70% of millennials consider a company’s environmental focus a leading factor in their purchasing decision. So, besides choosing an excellent design for your food frozen boxes, you have to ensure you are highlighting environmental practices. 

The most popular material for frozen food packaging is paperboard because it’s easy to store, seal, fill, and doesn’t crack at low temperatures. Moreover, the paper must ensure the freshness of your frozen food items. Luckily, PREMIUM Paper Box has risen precisely to meet these challenges. We know there’s a fine line between the right design and sustainability, so we provide the best-frozen food packaging boxes for your products to protect them from moisture or spoilage. 

Why Choose Frozen Food Packaging from PREMIUM Paper Box?

With PREMIUM Paper Box, you are about to get the best-frozen food packaging options at affordable prices. Our custom boxes not only conserve your frozen items and retain their freshness, but will also take your brand to where it belongs and attract potential customers.

At PREMIUM Paper Box, we turn your dream frozen food packaging solutions into reality. Regardless of where you plan on selling your products, our team can easily create custom freezer bags, frozen food bags, or rigid paper containers to make your items stand up and stand out on your shelves. Whether your frozen items are packaged as single or multiple servings, we can provide features such as tear notches to make your food items accessible and long-lasting. 
Your frozen food products deserve to shine. That’s why, at PREMIUM Paper Box, we offer excellent and cost-effective opportunities for all customers looking to establish their brand identity in the frozen food aisle and tell their company’s story. You can’t go anywhere else if you need an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solution for your products. Contact us today and request a quote.


Our USA-manufactured premium paper boxes are robust enough to serve various industries. Our custom folding paper boxes are ideal for use with the makeup industry, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, pet supplies, private label shipping, and more.

Many variables can determine the final price of a custom frozen food box, including the thickness of the paper, design, size of the run, labor cost, printing, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and overall or spot UV. Consider going from various PMS colors to a standard CMYK to save some extra bucks. If you send us your project, we can provide you with a price right away.

We are a manufacturing company, and everything is made under one roof in Miami Lakes, FL.

No, we never charge for printing plates. This means you can change the artwork you use every time you run your new order at no extra cost.

Every custom box project is different so it will depend entirely on the specific characteristics of your frozen food box order. A general rule of thumb is that it may take two to three weeks to deliver your order after the printing proofs are approved.

CMYK is known as a scheme for combining the primary pigments. In CMYK, the C stands for cyan, M for magenta, Y for yellow, and K for key (in today’s printing world, the key color is black). The CMYK colors are often used in printing, reducing the brightness or reflecting the light from a white background. CMYK is better for printing because it achieves an actual color.

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